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4 Ways To Sleep Better


Getting a good night’s sleep can feel few and far between for many adults. It is recommended that adults get between 7-9 hours of restful sleep but 30% of Canadians are getting less than 6.

Our fast paced world is full of triggers that may lead to insufficient sleep such as caffeine, work demands and exposure to artificial light. While often overlooked, sleep should always be considered as a component of a healthy lifestyle.

Today we are here to share some natural sleeping remedies. If prescription sleeping pills feel like an intense option we can start by reaching for something more gentle to encourage a deep and restful sleep.

Lavander Oil

Lavender oil is a natural relaxant. It can be diffused in an aromatherapy diffuser, spritzed over the pillow when diluted with a carrier oil or water, or rolled and hand massaged onto the bottoms of the feet before bed.


Breathing Exercercises

For those who have trouble falling asleep and simple counting exercise may be helpful. Counting breaths just like a child would count sheep. Try starting with just ten but consider up to one hundred breaths.


ThinkBotanicals 100% Hemp Based Cannabidiol products are a natural anti-stimulant. Many have found reduced anxiety and better sleep by using the product before bed. Dosing of this medicinal plant is dependant on the user. We recommend starting with 20-60mg per day. Ensure you calculate correctly based on the potency of the product you choose. Find the CBD Oil that’s right for you here.

Electronic Down-Time

One hour before bed having your phone, computer and TV shut off can help slow down and relax the mind. The blue light creates alertness in our brain and it can sometimes feel hard to slow the mind immediately after. Instead take your time with your evening routine and opt for reading a book. Additionally these electronics should be kept away from the sleeping area.

At ThinkBotanicals are goal is always to achieve overall best health. We use our blog to educate readers on many helpful practices for a healthy lifestyle which may or may not include our products!

Sleep well,


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