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CBD Matcha Latte Recipe And Benefits


Besides being Instagram-worthy, CBD matcha lattes actually pack a ton of health benefits (plus they taste yummy). Below, we’ll take you through an easy latte recipe that can be made in less than five minutes. Not only does it taste great, but it’s also great for your body. First we dive deep into the health benefits of each ingredient.


First, matcha powder.


If you’ve ever seen a green latte, is it most likely from matcha! Matcha literally means “powdered tea” and it’s a special form of green tea. As opposed to other teas, when drinking matcha you are consuming the actual leaves which have been finely powdered and made into a solution.

Matcha is packed with health benefits. It’s full of antioxidants, boosts metabolism, calms the mind and body, is rich in fibre and chlorophyll. What’s not to love?

Because you are consuming whole leaves, matcha has about three times more caffeine than the average steeped tea, which equals about one cup of brewed coffee. If you’re not a coffee drinker but you’re looking for an energy boost, matcha is an incredible natural caffeine option. Many frequent matcha drinkers say that compared to the caffeine buzz from coffee, matcha creates a sort of “alert calm” which induces relaxation without the drowsiness that could come after coffee.

There are two types of matcha. Ceremonial grade matcha and culinary grade matcha. In case you see both options at the store, we want to make sure you’re sure which one to pick up when making your latte!

Ceremonial grade matcha is the premium grade of matcha meant to be used on its own with hot water. This type of matcha is perfect for your next CBD matcha latte. It has a more delicate flavor and is much less bitter than culinary grade matcha.

Culinary grade matcha can be used for cooking and several other purposes. This type is designed for smoothies, ice cream, or any other baking. It’s important to note that this type of matcha is very bitter, so we suggest not to use this type when making your next CBD matcha latte.


Benefits of Cinnamon Powder

Not only is cinnamon delicious but it’s also great for you! It’s packed with antioxidants and other amazing properties. Cinnamon is actually made from a type of tree and the smell, color, and flavor that make up cinnamon is a result which part of the tree it is harvested from. A little bit of cinnamon goes a long way. About half of a teaspoon daily can help with blood sugar levels and digestion. It’s also extremely rich in fiber and manganese.

Coconut Oil or MCT Oil

Whether you choose coconut oil or MCT oil, there are health benefits to both. If you’re unsure, MCT oil is the combination of two fatty acids extracted from coconut and palm oil. The main difference between the two is their MCT content. Coconut oil is 55% MCT and MCT oil is 100%. MCT stands for medium-chain-triglycerides. The fats in both oils can help boost fat burning and provide the body and brain with quick energy.

Here are some benefits of MCT oil:

  •      Aids gut health
  •      Supports healthy weight loss
  •      Supports cognitive health
  •      Helps prevent heart disease
  •      Can help manage diabetes
  •      Supports ketosis


Think Botanicals CBD Oil

Think Botanical’s CBD oil is an incredible natural remedy to help with pain, anxiety, and many other health issues. If you want to know more about CBD and its benefits, read more here. Mixing CBD in with your morning or night matcha latte is a great way to relax to ease any anxiety or pain. This is also a great option if you don’t want to taste the oil itself, we promise this latte is nothing but yummy! As for how much CBD oil you should put in your matcha latte, it’s important to reference a dosage calculator to figure out what is best for you. But, If you’re using our 1000 mg CBD oil bottles,  include about ½ dropper into your latte.

Order your Think Botanical’s CBD oil now.

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Ready to start sipping?



1 dose Think Botanicals CBD Oil
1 serving ceremonial grade matcha
8oz hot water or milk/milk alternative of your choice
1 scoop collagen
1 tsp coconut or MCT oil
Opt: sweeten with honey, agave or sugar


Bring the almond milk to almost a boiling temperature. Remove from heat and use ~two tbsp to whisk and dissolve the matcha powder. Traditional matcha is whisked in a back and forth motion, not a circle.

Once the matcha is dissolved add into a larger mug and top with remaining almond milk. Stir in collagen, coconut butter and cinnamon. If you are looking for the frothy latte consistency you can use an electric whisk or simply blend the ingredients together in a high speed blender.

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