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Canada has come a long way since it legalized recreational cannabis in 2018. Ever since the Cannabis Act came into law, it becomes normal to walk into a dispensary and purchase CBD products like topicals and tinctures. But in certain contexts, the legal status of CBD is still confusing a lot of consumers.

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Understanding The Cannabis Act: Is CBD Oil Legal in Canada?

Cannabis had had a complicated and long journey before it became allowed in Canada. But even before Cannabis Act took effect, CBD was permitted for medical and scientific purposes with restrictive rules. Until Justin Trudeau, during his campaign in 2015, promised to legalize recreational marijuana as well. In the year 2018, the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act was amended by Cannabis Act.

Under this act, both marijuana and hemp are legal and can be used in either medical or recreational activity. However, there are strict regulations that have to be clear for every CBD consumer and producer. For instance, a company has to go through tedious and expensive legal processes to get a permit to operate. Meanwhile, a customer has to be at age 19 or above to avail of any cannabis product.

How To Legally Buy CBD in Canada?

Although CBD oil and other cannabis products are 100% legal under the Cannabis Act, every province in Canada has its cannabis regulations separate from federal rulings. This is the reason why many customers are still confused with the cannabis laws. Despite this, the demand for CBD products continues to increase in recent years.

Since CBD becomes a legal substance in Canada, a combination of high demand, confusing regulations, and supply chain issues have led to supply shortages all over the country. As consumers find it difficult to buy CBD products, manufacturers have to face a rigorous application process before producing these products. That being the case, the accessibility of CBD is still a problem for many.

The legalization of cannabis products is a major achievement of the whole country as a whole. However, the law’s ambiguity is preventing stores from expanding and meeting the rising demands of customers.

For you to legally buy CBD products, head to a marketplace that holds necessary permits from the government. In addition to that, make sure that you are at least 19 years of age or 18 if you are in Quebec and Alberta Province.

CBD Legality for Canada

How The Government Regulates Hemp

If you are a manufacturer, understanding the legal procedures must be your top priority. This way, you smoothly operate and sell CBD products. To understand it better, Industrial Hemp Regulations Program (IHRP) clarifies how hemp is regulated.

The program allows hemp farmers with a federal license to process and sell hemp derivatives such as hemp seeds, hemp seed oil, and hemp flour. However, they cannot extract the CBD themselves if they don’t have a cannabis processing license. They can sell it to licensed cannabis processors instead.

Moreover, IHRP authorizes the production, importation, and exploration of industrial hemp seed or grain. Provided that you have a license and import or export permit from Health Canada. But the flowering heads, leaves, and branches can only be exported or imported for legitimate medical and scientific purposes.

Guide To Buying CBD Products In Canada

Doing careful research is a crucial part of an online purchase. It will help you evaluate if a shop is credible and legitimate. In the same way, it will also allow you to compare offers and end up with the best deal. With a growing range of product lines, it is not easy to tell which one is the right choice.

Though CBD in Canada is legal, you should observe proper care in choosing which CBD Oil legal retailer you work with. Here are some factors that you need to consider before exploring the CBD marketplace:

Read The Ingredients

As you compare CBD products, don’t forget to read the ingredient list. This is the part where you will find their similarities and differences. Some products are added with ingredients that will give more potential benefits. Meanwhile, some may contain artificial flavours and colouring that are harmful to the body. Pay close attention to this kind of detail which is usually available on a shop’s website.


Check The THC Content

THC is legal in Canada both for medical and recreational use. Despite this, you still need to be aware of the THC concentration in a product. Since this chemical component is psychoactive, you are likely to experience mind-altering effects after consumption.

Look For The Lab Report

Usually, shops publish a valid lab report on their website where customers can read it. But if there is none, you can contact the manufacturer to request it directly. Once you get a copy, look for the publishing date, lab accreditation, and contaminants.

Read Customer Reviews

To make sure you are shopping with a trusted company, see what its previous customers can say about the CBD products they bought. Before you order the CBD product, don’t skip the customer review section. Verified customers are more likely to give comments based on real experience because, just like you, they also want the best.

Determine Dosage

Products like CBD oil capsules, gummies, and edibles will contain the ideal dosage per piece. Hence, you can take them consistently to get the desired result. But for products like CBD oil, you need to decipher the dosage information.

If you aim for a higher dosage of CBD, it will help if you choose products with a higher concentration of cannabidiol.

Product Selection

Choose a shop that will offer you a great selection of CBD products like topicals, pet products, CBD oils, tinctures, and other natural health products derived from cannabis plants.

Can You Bring CBD Oil Over The Canadian Border?

Hemp-derived CBD oil is legal throughout Europe and the US, but each territory has a slightly different take. Without the necessary permission, do not cross any borders with CBD oil products.


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