CBD Saskatoon, Saskatchewan: Top Stores Selling CBD Products in the City

The popularity of CBD or Cannabidiol use today is becoming widespread, especially with the advanced technology that we have now. Searching for online and brick-and-mortar stores as well as purchasing CBD products is a piece of cake and hassle-free. 

Moreover, people prefer to purchase cannabis products online because they can save time and some retail outlets have a fast delivery service. Aside from that, because of the tight competition in the market, store owners make some promotions to attract buyers. They have lots of offers (like discounts or free shipping) to get more customers.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol – the scientific name of CBD –  is one of the cannabinoids – a chemical substance from the cannabis plant. CBD is a natural compound from the plant cannabis and is now gaining popularity because of the health benefits one can get upon consuming the product.

Legalization in Canada: What is Cannabis Act?

The Cannabis Act or also called Bill C-45, is the law that legalized the use of recreational cannabis in the whole country. The law was finalized on October 17, 2018, and inclusive in the law are the production, sale, distribution, and possession of CBD products.

Is CBD Legal in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan?

The answer to this question is YES! Since the use of recreational cannabis was legalized in Canada on October 17, 2018, naturally, it is legal in Saskatoon.

In the same month and year, the provincial cannabis legislation set the final rule about the legal age of using and buying CBD products. The minimum age would be 19 years old, and adults are allowed to carry 30 grams of Cannabis.

Unlike the other provinces in Canada, Saskatchewan residents are prohibited from using cannabis in public places or vehicles. Impaired driving is illegal whether the reason for cannabis consumption is either medical or recreational.

Individuals are allowed to plant a maximum of four cannabis plants at home but for personal use only.

Where Can I Buy CBD Oil in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan?

Are you wondering whether you can order cannabidiol products when you are in Saskatoon? Of course, you can! Many online stores and dispensaries are selling CBD products, so you have a comprehensive option as to where you can purchase your supplies.

In fact, one online retail store you can get your CBD supplies is Think Botanicals. With the wide range of the products available, you can choose the ones you like and need.

Do I Need a Doctor’s Prescription in Canada?

Since recreational cannabis is legalized in Canada, there’s no need for a doctor’s prescription. The truth is you can walk in and out of a dispensary with a bottle of CBD oil or other products. Just remember to bring an identification card to prove that you are of legal age to purchase a particular product.

On the other hand, users of medical marijuana are required to obtain a prescription before buying CBD. Furthermore, they can only purchase the product from a store authorized by the MMPR or Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations.

Can I Purchase Cannabidiol Online?

As mentioned above, there are also online retail stores aside from the physical shops, so, yes, you can buy cannabidiol products on the internet. If you browse the web, you will see different outlets selling CBD. The good news is, you can even read the customers’ reviews of a particular shop while checking their menu and select the best site where you can order the products.

Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabidol (THC): Same or Different?

Is CBD the same as THC? Both of these compounds are cannabinoids from the cannabis Sativa plant. However, their recreational or medical effect differs from each other. CBD is a non-psychotropic substance and contains less THC so that a user won’t experience a “high” sensation. While THC is a psychoactive compound and can produce a feeling of euphoria to the user.

What’s the Distinction Between Hemp and Marijuana?

People often think that marijuana and hemp are the same. The truth is, yes, they are the same. They both belong to the cannabis species, but they are different from each other.

What’s their difference?

Hemp is a good source of fibre and has low THC, which is why most CBD products are made from hemp. On the other hand, marijuana’s THC is active, therefore making users “high.”

Cannabidiol: Uses and Health Benefits

Though further research and study are still required, people are amazed at how they benefit from consuming cannabidiol products. Some of the conditions that can be cured are insomnia, anxiety, chronic pain, and many more.

In addition, the only CBD-based drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration is Epidiolex. Epidiolex is used to cure some rare and severe forms of childhood epilepsy.

Bottom line, when you are residing in Saskatoon and want to purchase any cannabidiol products online, search and explore Think Botanicals! We assure you that all our products are organic and hemp-devised. Contact us if you have any questions!

A Short Overview about Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Saskatoon also referred to as  “Paris of the Prairies” because of its magnificent bronze-coloured bridges, is considered the biggest city in the province of Saskatchewan. The city’s location is along the Trans-Canada Yellowhead Highway. Since its founding in 1882, Saskatoon became the cultural and economic hub of central Saskatchewan.

And because it is the largest city in the province, finding CBD products is not difficult since there are a lot of dispensaries selling them.

When you decide to visit Canada’s fast-growing city, you can do these activities while shopping for your CBD products:

  1. Visit the Remai Modern Museum with an overlooking view of the  South Saskatchewan River
  2. Go around the Wanuskewin Heritage Park to know and understand the rich culture of the indigenous people
  3. Drop by at the Western Development Museum and go back in time with a life-size replica of 1910 Boomtown
  4. Interact with the different kinds of animals in Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park & Zoo
  5. Go for a boat ride on the Prairie Lily

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