Enjoy the CBD Oil Experience in Canada

In 2018, Canada set a new trend in the health and wellness industry by making cannabis legal all over the country. Though territories have their laws and regulations, most places, like Vancouver, allow CBD products as long as you are within the law’s bounds and 19 years of age or older.

CBD is changing the scene and creating a wellness revolution. Now is the perfect time to explore this fantastic creation. Read on to learn more about CBD in Canada. Or you can also jump into our shop to buy your high-quality CBD Oil supply now!

Make Your Health A Priority With CBD Products

Show yourself some love by checking out CBD. It is an all-natural product that you can use for stress, anxiety, pain management, sleep problems, hormonal imbalance, productivity, and better focus.

CBD is an oil extracted from a Cannabis plant. However, most CBD products sold in the market come from hemp and not the variant we know as marijuana. Because of this, you can rest assured that the products are non-psychoactive. Through regular use, you can get the health perks without the high.

CBD Oil Vancouver At Its Purest – Guaranteed Zero Traces of THC

When you shop around for CBD-infused products, you might encounter different types in the stores operating in Canada. Usually, there are isolates, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum CBD available for purchase. If you want to enjoy cannabidiol in its purest sense, we recommend CBD Isolates.

Isolates are made from honest-to-goodness all-natural and organic hemp plants. The company extracts pure CBD from the plants through top-notch technology and processes. We go beyond small THC traces, and we guarantee third party lab-tested products that are 100% THC-free.

Go For All Natural, Lab-Tested CBD Oil Through Think Botanicals Canada

Think Botanicals Canada is the country’s up and coming supplement brand that focuses on creating organic CBD oil and other CBD-infused items for your optimum health and wellness.

We are proud to note that our creations are locally grown, proudly made from Canada’s best hemp. Plus, we stick with organic ingredients in everything we put out to make sure our bodies only receive natural benefits free from side effects.

Not only that, but we apply the latest technologies in our processes to give you the best CBD isolates that are perfect for helping with your pain, anxiety, sleep, and overall health and wellness.

Is CBD Legal in Vancouver, BC?

CBD is legal in Vancouver, as well as the rest of Canada. However, unlike what the media may falsely describe as a free-for-all opportunity, Canada has strict federal laws that control how cannabis products are grown, consumed, and sold throughout the country.

In Vancouver, British Columbia, you can consume CBD products once you reach 19 years of age. You are free to purchase CBD from government-mandated stores and legal CBD dispensaries. Moreover, CBD products must pass the approval of Canada’s Food and Drug Regulations.

Learn More Information About Cannabidiol (CBD)

What is CBD?

CBD is one of the 113 compounds, also known as cannabinoids, found in the cannabis plant. It is a component that has been picked up to be studied for its medical benefits that users or customers can feel without having to go through a high.

For easy use of CBD, it is often mixed with lipid carriers or oils from coconut, MCT, hemp seed, or almonds. Taking this oil is relatively easy as well. You can pick your preferred method from inhaling, ingesting as a capsule or gummy, sublingual application, or topical skin application.

What are the benefits of CBD Oil?

These days, CBD can be used for a wide array of things. New items are discovered about this fantastic compound day by day. However, some of the better-studied health benefits of CBD oil are treatments for:

  • Anxiety and Depression
  • PTSD
  • Pain and Inflammation
  • Skin conditions
  • Neurological problems like multiple sclerosis
  • Side-effects of cancer treatments
  • Epilepsy
  • Addiction
  • Sleep Problems

How can I take CBD?

If you want to try using CBD oil, there are tons of options available for you. Here are the most followed methods:


Dropping the oil under the tongue is the best and most widely used method of consuming CBD. Try this out by placing an order from the Think Botanicals website.


Using CBD is also possible through inhaling the produce from a vape. According to some medical experts, this is the ideal method if you need quick pain relief, especially for migraines.


One of the up and coming business ideas in the industry is by selling CBD edibles. You can eat infused candies, gummies, capsules, coffee, and other similar food items.

Topical CBD

If you are feeling unsure about taking cannabidiol orally, you can instead try out topical products. Many companies make CBD lotions, creams, or salves. Topical CBD is also perfect if your health concern is related to muscle pain and skin diseases.

For excellent quality CBD Oil in Vancouver, order from Think Botanicals today!

What dosage should I follow when I take CBD?

How much CBD your body can take is dependent on many things. Mainly, it would be best if you considered your weight, metabolism, and the extent of your health concern. You can discuss things like this with your CBD provider, and you can also review the product details of the CBD oil that you buy.

Should I take Full Spectrum CBD Oil or CBD Isolate?

A CBD Isolate is manifested as a pure and crystalline form of the compound. Because of its state, it is perfect for mixing into liquids or even as a vape. An isolate went through quite a long journey, through cleaning and filtration to make it free from all other possible contents.

On the other hand, CBD can also be classified as full-spectrum. However, this compound also comes with terpenes and other cannabinoids. If you’re the type who would prefer minimal THC content, you might select this one.

Another thing you might notice with Full Spectrum CBD and CBD Isolate is their tastes. Full Spectrum CBD takes a bit like usual marijuana. If you are not the type to enjoy an earthy vegetable taste, you have to find a way to hide the taste, like adding it to your coffee.

On the other hand, CBD Isolates taste like nothing. Since it is usually mixed with a carrier oil, you might feel some carrier oil flavour traces. But aside from that, it has no taste so that you can take it on its own.

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