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Is CBD Legal?


Canada CBD Shopping Tips!

Cannabidiol is being touted as a natural remedy for many conditions. But until now, it is still in a legal grey area. Many countries believed that further investigation is needed to support claims regarding CBD oils.

Before you dive into the CBD market, you must understand cannabis laws and industrial hemp regulations in your country first. Keep reading for a better understanding of CBD.

CBD Shopping Tips

The Main Question: Is CBD Oil Legal In Canada?

Yes, its status is legal. Marijuana and hemp have become legal in Canada since October 2018 under the Cannabis Act. Since then, citizens can use CBD products for recreational and medical purposes without a doctor’s prescription.

If you are within the borders of Canada, you are permitted to buy, sell, and use hemp-derived CBD products. However, legalization comes with strict regulations in the production of CBD products. This means that before a CBD product reaches the marketplace, it needs to go through stringent guidelines.

As a result of these rules of law, companies outside the country cannot transport cannabis products across the borders of Canada. And for the exportation of hemp seeds or grains, an export permit is necessary. Also, only licensed manufacturers and retailers can operate their business within the country.

The Cannabis Act: What You Need To Know About Cannabis Laws In Canada

Buying cannabis products in Canada requires no prescription or permission from local authorities. But these hassle-free transactions don’t apply to retailers. Every retailer has to complete a complicated application process to be able to sell CBD oil legally. Unfortunately, the process would take several months or even a year. This will also entail huge costs and out-of-pocket expenses.

Whether you are a retailer or a customer, knowledge of the Cannabis Act will be helpful. Cannabis reform and legalization have gone through a lot of debates and researches before it becomes official.

As mentioned above, the Cannabis Canadian Act came into law in October 2018. It is an amendment of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and the Criminal Code, which explicitly says that cannabis is only allowed for medical and research purposes.

The Cannabis Act includes several regulations on the cannabis plants such as marijuana and hemp. But still, the amendment is a feat to the health and wellness community that is worth a celebration.

With regards to this, Health Canada has pointed out that the regulatory framework can stifle the cannabis industry and affect economic growth. Hence, they urged the government to permit retailers to sell CBD products without rigorous license applications. After all, these are natural health products that must be accessible to many.

In conformity with the Cannabis Act, a person must be at least 19 years of age to purchase 30-gram dried cannabis at a time. But in Quebec Province and Alberta Province, the age requirement is different, 18 years old or above.

Consumers are expected to abide by these specific rules. Otherwise, they might face legal charges and serve five years in prison. As a consumer, you shall keep in mind these regulations vital to your CBD purchase.

Cannabis Laws In Canada

The Guidelines On Industrial Hemp-Derived CBD

The Canadian government sets specific rules on hemp through Industrial Hemp Program (IHR). Under this program, hemp is defined as a cannabis plant with only 0.3% THC content in the flowering heads and leaves. To ascertain the amount of THC in a CBD oil product, the program requires the conversion of tetrahydrocannabinol acid into THC.

Furthermore, hemp farmers are allowed to cultivate or propagate industrial hemp plants for as long as they hold a federal license. However, if a farmer wants to extract derivatives from flowering parts or leaves, a cannabis processing license is required.

Without this license, hemp farmers can only cultivate cannabis plants and won’t process them for CBD products. Instead, they can sell it to licensed cannabis processors.

A Quick Guide To Legally Buying CBD In Canada

Due to the complicated process of getting an operating license, only a limited number of companies offer CBD oil products. Since legal fees are overwhelming, it induces sellers to set a higher price for their CBD products.

On the flip side, the cannabis law makes Canada a reliable place for CBD products. The consistent application of these rules has reduced supply chain issues too. With the help of these regulations, there is an orderly process that both buyers and sellers can follow. More importantly, buyers are guaranteed that the hemp oil CBD products they buy are of high quality and have passed government standards.

Are you a resident of Canada who happens to be interested in buying CBD oil? You are just one step away from ordering these fascinating products. But before that, here are the important things that you should be aware of either you’re a new or seasoned user:


Know The Difference Between CBD and THC

Cannabinoids that can cause high sensation to a person are strictly regulated. Though cannabis’s legal status is fine with CBD extracts, it strictly prohibits products with high THC levels. This is due to the psychoactive or mind-altering effects of THC.

Look For Evidence of Independent Test

Third-party results are usually printed on a product’s bottle. If not, they are published on the company’s website for transparency purposes. These tests are essential in determining the CBD and THC content of a product. Hence, don’t forget to search for it before you place an order.

Order From A Certified Supplier

Trust is such an important thing in the cannabis world. There may have multiple shops present online that offer CBD at lower prices, but don’t easily rely on their misleading taglines. What you should do is verify their legitimacy. Also, check if they have a valid email address on their website where you can send questions and clarifications.

Know Shipping Terms

Buying online is convenient, but it requires you to be extra cautious. The ultimate goal here is to receive the products in a safe condition. Therefore, you must focus on the delivery or shipment date as well as the carrier.

Avoid CBD Oil Labeled With Health Claims

Did you know that the Canadian government prohibits a company from labelling their cannabis products with health claims? This is considered illegal in Canada. If you see one, you must avoid it.

CBD Oil Labeled With Health Claims

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