With the cleanest, healthiest and 100% legal products. Where quality of product, customer service and transparency are our main focus. Think Botanicals is a company guided by values and always puts customers first. Think’s mission is to bring CBD into the mainstream so that together we can help the planet heal by bringing you high-quality products you can trust, with transparency about ingredients, supply chain and social impact.

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About Our Oil

Think Botanicals CBD oil is certified organic and non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free and kosher. Think strives to set a new standard for the industry and create an environment where people can feel confident that they are choosing a high-quality product that meets their needs every time.
Think Botanicals is a pioneer and leader in the hemp-extract industry. Think brings to market safe, solvent-free CBD oil extracted from organically grown industrial hemp plants. Think’s CBD Hemp Oil products are third-party tested to ensure safety and quality.

In addition, Think develops its own formulas with high-quality organic ingredients, including MCT Coconut Oil (organic and non-GMO).
Think Botanicals uses 100% legal ingredients sourced from within Canada. Think ensures that our products are 3rd party tested by accredited laboratories to guarantee their safety, purity and quality. Think uses only pure 99% naturally extracted CBD oil without any additives, fillers or artificial ingredients. Think CBD Oil is made from the finest quality hemp extract available.


About Us

Think Botanicals was founded in 2014 to help improve health by using natural plant compounds such as CBD. In addition, we wanted to bring a quality product to market at an affordable price without sacrificing quality or purpose. Think has grown rapidly because they know how important it is that our customers get access to pure, organic CBD Oil in an easy way that doesn’t break the bank.

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Think Botanicals CBD Oil is a beautiful product for health preservation and it’s 100% natural.

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Think CBD Hemp Oil products are available on Think Botanical’s branded e-commerce website and sold in Canada and to all countries where CBD is legal.


Our Happy Customers

Think Botanicals CBD has helped thousands of customers who have suffered from pain, anxiety, or other related ailments find relief without having to worry about harmful side effects caused by Prescription drugs or medications.


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Frequently Asked Questions


What Is CBD?

CBD (cannabidiol) is a compound found in hemp plants. It contains no THC. Think Botanicals CBD Oil is non-psychoactive and it does not produce a “high.” Think Botanicals Think CBD Hemp Oil has been reported to have many benefits including pain relief, reducing nausea, inflammation, anxiety, stress, depression and more.

Why Use CBD?

CBD benefits the body by helping to maintain homeostasis or balance. Think CBD Hemp Oil supports the immune system and promotes a healthy inflammatory response and nervous system activity. Think CBD is great for supporting overall wellness as well as promoting general health and well-being!

Is CBD Legal?

CBD is legal in Canada! As of Jun

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